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Services and Rates


Phyllis Nasta 520  203-4968


Massage Therapy $60 


members of Tucson Values Teachers $50

Kids: $45 up to age 16

Personal Injury Cases  ~  Massage can help manage and reduce pain from accidents. If you have a lawyer and would like deferred payment for your massage treatments, I can accommodate this. If you need a lawyer  I recommend the Arotta Firm

~Contact Derek Rickard  881-0000


Counseling:  I am contracted with several Employee Assistance Programs ~ check your benefits office to see if you have one. If you do, you pay nothing for the sessions and they are completely confidential, ie, your employer does not know that you utilize them.  You can use sessions for yourself and for anyone in your household.

EAPs are not health insurance. 

If you use your EAP you pay nothing, not even a co-pay.

My regular Counseling Fees:  $60 per hour ssession.  

No health insurance accepted.  

When I counsel minors I require consent from both parents or guardians. I see minors in context of family work, ie, with the child and parent together.  Age 12 and up.









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