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General Psychotherapy

My practice is focused on helping people with "everyday" issues such as  relationship problems, coping with stress, divorce, work problems, parenting, grieving, decision making, and generally getting through tough times. Counseling is also something to be seen as fun - an opportunity to delve into oneself and grow. 


Gestalt Therapy

Founded by Fritz Perls, Gestalt is a practical, effective way to access the root of problems, and solve them. It brings problems into the present so that rather than spending months in therapy talking "about" an issue, we bring it into the present and deal with it, using the emotions, body language and insights to uncover the issues that are causing discomfort. This often allows people to resolve problems in a few or several sessions.

Dream Work

Fritz Perls believed that every part of a dream including the symbols and the dynamics, are projections of the individual, and that if you analyze any one dream thoroughly you will know exactly where you're at in life.  The Gestalt Dream Work therapist doesn't interpret the dream but rather guides the dreamer through a process that allows her/him to uncover the meaning of the dream.

One of the results of working with one's dreams is that your dream output will generally increase, and your subconscious will give you more interesting dreams, healing dreams and possibly even more intuitive dreams.


The Body Knows

I combine Gestalt Psychotherapy with my knowledge of anatomy and health, to help people uncover the psychological and emotional aspects of physical symptoms. If you have been working with a health care provider and you feel that there are psychological blocks to recovery, this approach can help. Also, if you need to reduce stress in order to maintain health, this approach will help you learn how to do that. If you are in the process of making health care decisions, this approach will get you in touch with your body and what it wants you to do.


Guided Imagery / Intuitive Development

I have expertise in intuition development and customize guided imagery exercises for people. I have helped children, teens and adults increase and control their intuitive messages, and helped people access deep , subconscious material, through guided imagery. This can be used for personal growth and for individual attunement to inner guidance.


Vocational Counseling

Helping people with career decisions and information about post secondary educational options.  















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