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Massage for Adults and Adolescents

The purpose of Massage Therapy is to help people feel balanced, relaxed, and calm. 

It can also help reduce muscle pain, and manage chronic pain. A free initial consultation is always available to see how massage can help you.

Massage Therapy for Adults  As part of your wellness program massage can help you stay centered and physically relaxed.


           the cost of wellness is less than the cost of illness


Pre-Natal Massage helps pregnant women deal with the aches, anxieties and pains of advancing pregnancy.


Adolescent/Young Adult Massage for age 11 and up. Massage helps kids tune in to their bodies in healthy ways, and can help with pain, depression, anxiety, and "growing" pains. It also helps teens who are musicians, dancers or athletes ~~ their muscles are often pummeled in their multiple practices and performances and respond to the relief provided by massage.


Check out the research on all of this on the  "benefits of massage"  page or check out which  provides results of massage research.


Looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone else? Try...


                             The Present

                             from  Phyllis 

Several years ago one of my massage clients was turning fifty and I wanted to do something special for him. He is a deep thinker and welcomes creativity in therapeutic approaches.

I conjured up a session in which, as I massaged each part of the body I guided him through a visualization that took him back to early years and then I guided him back to The Present. A lot of insights resulted from this journey and I decided to offer it to others. Everyone who has had this unique treatment has come out the other side feeling like they had a special healing.  It makes a wonderful gift to oneself or to another, for a birthday or anniversary. It's difficult to describe in words but wonderful to experience.

The Present:  approximately 1.5 hours  $100

For more information on this treatment please call or email.

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